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As 2019 closes out, we at Turkey Tuque have decided to close out the Turkey Tuque product and brand effective January 1, 2020...You can still purchase in store at Canadian Tires across Canada and from select local retailers while supplies last....When we started this product line in 2014, we had a definite date in mind for it to either carry itself or to let it go....It's shaken out to be the latter..We want to thank all our loyal pro staff, most recently losing Frank Dunlop, our loyal followers and supporters, Marc and the gang at GoHuntBirds, and anyone that has defied the old school naysayers and have at least tried the Tuque....It's been quite a ride and we're appreciative of it all....The FB page will remain up for a while, with less activity, as will the website....Thanks again, John 

Directions for Use


How to Use


1. Remove Turkey Tuque from packaging .(Please don't litter)

2. Unroll Turkey Tuque about 3-4 inches and stretch out.

2.5 -NEW- Open enclosed WetNap package set WetNap aside,

 put packaging over birds beak to cushion between the Tuque and the beak.

3. Stretch the opening with your fingers

creating an opening 3-4 inches in diameter.

(Don't worry, it does stretch)

4. With the opening held with your hand, scoop

 the birds head into the opening and pull

 the Turkey Tuque up to the back of the head.  Be

 careful of how hard you're pulling the

 Turkey Tuque against the beak. (Prevent tear)

5. Roll the Turkey Tuque down the neck of the bird

and extend to where the neck meets the


6. Repeat with 2nd Turkey Tuque to ensure leakproof.

6.5. Wipe hands down with WetNap.

7. Carry your bird out with confidence.

Pro Staff

Sheldon Evans


Mallorytown, Ontario

Ian McCleary


London, Ontario

Carlin Riley


London, Ontario

Mike Schnarr


Woodstock, Ontario

Chad Hodge


Wildwood, Florida, USA

Jesse Blais


Quebec, Canada

James Norman


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